Perl modules for Klingon

There are people programming perl modules for klingon (1). The open source project was first registered 22 September 2003. The project admin is Philip Newton. The latest update of the codes was on 17 May 2004, its current version is 1.03.


The software has been successfully tested for perl 5.16.2 (2)


There are three packages available: (3).


The module which allows you to decompose Klingon words into syllables and letters. (4)


This module allows you to sort words in Klingon sort order, for example, ngan should sort after nob since ng comes after n in Klingon sort order and counts as one letter. (5)


This is a module which allows you to convert Klingon strings between various encodings, for example, from the so-called "XIFAN HOL" encoding to the standard "tlhIngan Hol" encoding. (6)

It currently supports the following encodings:

  • "tlhIngan Hol" - the standard transliteration
    • This includes two variants "tlhingan hol" and "TLHINGAN HOL" which use only lower-case and upper-case letters, respectively; however, their use is discouraged since this confuses the letters q and Q. Also, the letter sequence ngh or "NGH" cannot be disambiguated as ng+H or n+gh; it will be treated as the former. For example, the tlhingan hol string monghom and the TLHINGAN HOL string "MONGHOM" are always interpreted as the tlhIngan Hol string mongHom (little neck), never as the tlhIngan Hol string monghom (capital group).

  • "XIFAN HOL" - another fairly common transliteration, this is the encoding of at least one Klingon font. Also available in lower-case ("xifan hol") and in versions that use 'z'/'Z' instead of ' for the apostrophe ("XIFAN HOL DAJAXZAZ" / "xifan hol dajaxzaz").

  • "uhmal gnj" - an encoding that enables Klingon text to sort correctly (that is, if an uhmal gnj character comes before another, then the corresponding "letter" in the standard transliteration comes before the other in the usual sort order). This encoding uses only the 26 letters of the lower-case Roman alphabet; it is also available in an upper-case form "UHMAL GNJ".

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