Phonetic terms in Klingon

This page lists Klingon words that can be used to talk about phonetics. These can be categorized as specialized terminology and other useful terms.

Specialized Terminology

Klingon term English gloss
QIch wab speech sound, phoneme
wab naQ vowel
wab poD consonant
'InDogh syllable
qol pronounce

Other Useful Terms

Klingon term English gloss
qurmoQ larynx
roDSon uvula
lev hard palate
repnuj gum
Ho' tooth
jat tongue
wuS lip
qevpob cheek
nuj mouth
ghIch nose
tagh lung
tlhuH breathe
ghogh voice
tlhup whisper
Huy hum
bom sing
'uq whistle
ghughugh growl; speak with vocal fry (creaky voice)
rech exhale
pur inhale
Ham be high-pitched
pun be low-pitched
nI' be long
ngaj be short

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