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Star Trek: The Final Frontier Phrasebook

The Star Trek: The Final Frontier Klingon/English Phrasebook is a unique rare 4-page booklet with excerpts from The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand. It is not an actual "book", it is printed on a 2-page paper and folded into 4 pages. It was sent by Paramount to media organizations only for promotion of the new movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier in 1989 and was not available to the public. It was meant to be handed out to the viewers at the movie theatre, so there are only very few left. It includes a pronunciation guide and some useful English / Klingon expressions. (1)

Since this booklet does not contain any new information, nor is available publically, it is not regarded as part of the canon works.


  • The front cover is entitled "Star Trek: The Final Frontier" and shows a large photo with Captain Klaa, General Korrd and Vixis.
  • The next page shows the pronunciation guide. It is basically a rewording of the pronunication guide of page 169 of TKD.
  • Page 3 lists some useful expressions taken from TKD, a summary of those phrases listed on pages 170-172.
  • The back cover, or page 4, only shows the copyright notice.


It measures 5.75" X 8.5" (146 x 216 mm).

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1 : Discovered in an Ebay auction ending on 03 May 2017

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