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Jean-Luc Picard

Jean-Luc Picard was captain of the fedearation star ship USS Enterprise in the 24th century. The Klingon spelling of his name is janluq pIqarD (1).


Born in France, Jean-Luc Picard wants to go to the Starfleet Academy, but gets rejected at first. In his second try he is accepted and graduates. But he loses his heart in a fight and has to live with a artificial heart. A few years after his graduation, he takes command of the USS Stargazer and later of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and after its destruction in Star Trek: Generations also of the NCC-1701-E.

Relation to the Klingons

In the defense of Worf at the High Council, because of the allegedly faults of his father, Picard takes the position of his cha'DIch. Nonetheless Worf gets discommended, not because of the treason of this father, but because Chancellor K'mpecs (qI'empeq) fears a conviction of the true traitor would lead to a civil war.

Later K'mpec chooses Picard als Supervisor for the rite of succession, which leads to Gowron as the new Chancellor. Picard prooves in several episodes of TNG and DSN, that he isn't just familiar with the Klingon culture, but also understands and even speaks a few words in Klingon.

Background information

Jean-Luc Picard was played by Patrick Stewart in TNG, DSN, ST7, ST8, ST9, ST10.


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