Planet names

This page lists all known planet names, both real and fictive.

general terms

English Klingon Source
planet yuQ TKD
planetoid yuQHom TKD
surface (of a planet) ghor TKD
core (of a planet) SuqSIv qepHom 2012
class-M planet yoq yIn yuQ SB #27

Planets of the solar system

The name for the Solar system is Sol Hovtay', the Earth sun's name is Sol.

# Planet scientific name Nickname Source
1 Mercury Sol wa' unknown -
2 Venus Sol cha' unknown -
3 Earth Sol wej tera' TKD
4 Mars Sol loS marIS In The Year 2889
5 Jupiter Sol vagh ju'pIter In The Year 2889
6 Saturn Sol jav Saturn Cassini Saturn
7 Uranus Sol Soch unknown -
8 Neptune Sol chorgh unknown -
9 Pluto Sol Hut unknown -

Fictional planet names

Not surprising, these names are all from the Star Trek Universe. To name an inhabitant of a planet, the usual way is by adding ngan. There are few exceptions.

English Klingon Source Notes
Andoria 'anDorya' qep'a' 2017
Cancri IV qanQIy loS qepHom 2019
Cardassia qarDaS KGT
Denebia DenIb TKD
Donatu V Do'natu vagh qep'a' 2017
Elas 'elaS TKD Next to Troyius in the Tellun Star System
J'naii jInay' qep'a' 2020
Kaminar qa'mInar qepHom 2019 Home of the Kelpiens
Kronos Qo'noS TKD Klingon homeworld
Ligon lIghon KGT
Morska mo'rISqa' qep'a' 2019
Nimbus III nImbuS wej Addendum First used in ST5
Pahvo pa'vo qepHom 2019
RomuluS romuluS TKD
Sherman's planet SermanyuQ TKD
Tellar Prime tellar wa' qep'a' 2017
Trill tI'rIl qep'a' 2020
Troyius Doy'yuS TKD Next to Elas in the Tellun Star System
Vaq'aj II vaq'aj cha' KGT not given in Klingon, but spelling is obvious
Vulcan vulqan TKD Home of Spock

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