Playing cards vocabulary

Playing cards does not seem a Klingon thing, but our informant Maltz obviously has observed humans play the game, and told us at qepHom 2014 how to name the decks. These are not new words, just existing words to describe te things.

term Klingon literally
poker 'urghwI' "one who pokes"
♣ clubs Sormey "trees"
♦ diamonds meyrI'mey "squares"
♥ hearts pormey "leaves"
♠ spades 'eSpeD (see note)

Note that chanmon, the word for "diamond", refers only to the gemstone, not to the shape.

The word for "spades" has no meaning. Maltz simply "calls a spade 'eSpeD". It's just the Klingon pronunciation of "spade".

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