pojwI' (Analyzer, pronunciation: S) is a shareware program for klingonists. It has been developed by d'Armond Speers. The latest version is available for Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME, older versions exist for MS-DOS and UNIX(1).

It is not in development anymore, the last update was on March 4, 2004.


Parts of the program:
  • Spelling correction for Klingon words
  • Support for pIqaD
  • Translation from Klingon to English
  • Text formatting
  • virtual chat-bot to talk with
  • Searchable dictionary and rhyming lexicon
  • Canon-Datenbase
  • 15 klingon lessons

The Klingon to English translation is in a separate window, so you only have to have a comparatively small window open, making it useful to translate texts while reading something else. Mistakes, for example wrong order of suffixes, are marked.

The translation feels surprisingly natural: Dalo'be'nISqu' becomes "you really need to not use him/her/it/them".


The program is shareware and should be purchased for about 20 US Dollar after having tried it.

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1 : http://www.speers.nu/Holtej/klingon/poj.htm Project page, retrieved 15. November 2015

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