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Regarding Klingon Pokémon, there was a group discussion at qep'a' that resulted in a Google Sheet with some suggested Klingon Pokémon names.

List of names

poqe'mon Klingon (10 chars max) reasoning
Abra 'IDnargh perform magic + escape
Aerodactyl 'an'ortel Flappy fossil
Alakazam 'IDnarpIn perform magic + master
Arbok Qobra' Qob-be dangerous,/danger ra'- to command [he commands danger]
Arcanine ngavyawIch ngavyaw' + wIch = large dog + myth
Articuno peDwa' Snow one - arctic uno
Beedrill 'aw'vetlh sting+cockroach
Bellsprout ghIn'In monetary + percussion instrument (referring to the Bellsprout tower in gen 2)
Blastoise la'bIj la'SIv+bIj = turtle+punish
Bulbasaur ghublung bud+lizard
Butterfree Su'wan part of butterfly (Su'wan ghew)
Caterpie 'ughDuq part of caterpillar ('ughDuq ghew)
Chansey 'ISQIm Harmony
Charizard meQang meQ+Qang = burn + Chancellor
Charmander meQup meQ+Qup = Burn+young
Charmeleon meQay' meQ +Qay' = Burn+lose one's temper
Clefable vItlegh "it sees the truth"" also very similar to ""proverb"
Clefairy jagh'Iv "who is the enemy"" also very similar to ""the rhythm"
Cloyster naghDIragh nagh DIr + ragh = shell + bleed
Cubone mIvHom small helmet, sounds like bone helmet
Dewgong bIqDep sounds like bIQDep (sea creature)
Diglett ghawghu excavate+baby
Ditto qa' again
Dodrio bIpwej continuation of the last entry but changing cha' (2) to wej (3)
Doduo bIpcha' bIpcha' (roadrunner like bird) with swapped syllables. two heads = cha'
Dragonair 'evta'Hoj cautious salamander
Dragonite 'evta'HoS strong salamander
Dratini 'evta'Hom lesser salamander
Drowzee Doy'San "fate is tired"
Dugtrio ghawghom excavate+group
Eevee choHoch choH+Hoch = everything changes, still a palendrome
Ekans Sunayq "just ""Snake"" tranliterated, based on Qobra'"
Electabuzz ulrawHuy electricity + thunder + eyebrow
Electrode SImron SImroD + ron= power + roll
Exeggcute ghomuH ghom + muH = group + execute
Exeggutor muHwuq muH+wuq = execute + decide
Farfetch’d bo'Degh'a' bo'Dagh'a' lo' is to exaggerate, bo'Degh is a bird
Fearow ghIjqIt the same type of bird scares
Flareon muttuj hot species
Gastly qa'SIp spirit gas
Gengar qa'lep spirit solid
Geodude yInaghu yIn+nagh+ghu = live+rock+baby
Gloom poch'IQ plant + sad
Golbat valqej valqe' + qej = bat + grumpy
Goldeen qolqoS'om qolqoS + qol'om = core + gold
Golduck Da'na' Da'nal + na' =Duck+brackish/sure
Golem yInaghol yIn+nagh+ghol = live+rock+adversary
Graveler yInagham yIn+nagh+gham = live+rock+limb
Grimer charwI' slimy thing
Growlithe qulvIj fire+ qovIj (small doglike creature)
Gyarados chotlIbghe imminent murder transformation
Haunter qa'ghop Spirit hand
Hitmonchan qIpqIpyay hit hit success
Hitmonlee qIpqIpQap hit hit win
Horsea rItlhHun ink Hun
Hypno vong hypnosis
Ivysaur 'arDeHlung ivy+lizard
Jigglypuff QoQong music+sleep
Jolteon mutpan sparking species
Jynx qabrItlh face + dye, referring to makeup,
Kabuto mIvnagh rock helmet
Kabutops mIvjagh enemy helmet
Kadabra 'IDnarneQ perform magic + spoon
Kakuna naghe' nagh+ghe = stone+metamorphosis
Kangaskhan qaytu'ta' parent emperor
Kingler vovoDleH vov + voDleH = wrestle + emperor
Koffing tuStuS cough cough
Krabby 'I'SeghIt I'SeghIm + ghIt = curmudgeon + squirt
Lapras lupra' "similar to English, referneces ""ra'wI' lupwI'"
Lickitung roSjat the tongue licks
Machamp maHargh we battle (major confrontation)
Machoke mavay we battle (mid-level)
Machop maQor we battle (small confrontation)
Magikarp ghotlI'be' "the fish is useless"
Magmar vaHbor vaHbo'+bor = lava+gurgle
Magnemite peghew combo of pegh and ghew - magnet bug
Magneton peghom combo of pegh and ghom - magnet group
Mankey mangqID soldier+joke
Marowak melchuH combo of melchoQ and chuH - bone marrow throw
Meowth 'Imyaghogh meow + voice
Metapod naghew combo of nagh and ghew - stone bug
Mew 'Imyaghoy meow-ey
Mewtwo 'Imyaghqa' meow again
Moltres qulwej Fire three - molten tres
Mr. Mime qoHqoq a so-called fool
Muk HuH slime, bile
Nidoking tarta'loD poison+emperor+male
Nidoqueen tarta'be' poison+emperor+female
Nidoran DuQuchloD\DuQuchbe' DuQ+Quch = Stab+forehead
Nidorina tarto'be' poison+tactic+female
Nidorino tarto'loD poison+tactic+male
Ninetales qulHoS fire+strength, similar to qeSHoS-fox
Oddish jumpoch odd + plant
Omanyte 'anjoH an + joH referencing lord helix, similar to 'an'or (fossil)
Omastar 'anHov an + Hov petrified star
Onix naghargh nagh + ghargh = stone + serpentworm
Paras 'atlhDIr skin + fungus
Parasect 'atlhDIr'a skin + fungus but bigger
Persian tIqaHvIgh shortened tI'qa' vIghro, includes qaH(sir)
Pidgeot cha'lIS'a cha'naS+qeylIS+'a' = greater Bird Jesus
Pidgeotto cha'lIS "cha'naS + qeylIS = refers to ""Bird Jesus"" meme from twitch plays Pokemon"
Pidgey cha'lISnu cha'naS + qeylIS + nu' = particularly small bird jesus
Pikachu pIyqa'chu Pikachu is piyqa'chu', regardless of language
Pinsir naSDaS vicious pinch
Poliwag mIbeb mabeb+mI'rab = frog + spiral
Poliwhirl mIreb mabeb+mI'rab = frog + spiral
Poliwrath mIregh mI'reb + ragh = spiral + bleed
Ponyta nomqetSu' "ready to run quickly"
Porygon puSreDmey' few-sided shape
Primeape qap'ut qa'put \ qap + 'ut = essential + insist
Psyduck Da'vIng Da'vI' + vIng = duck+whine
Raichu rawchu' raw + Raichu, raw = lightning
Rapidash nomqetqu' "runs very quickly"
Raticate boqHa'rat boqHa' + boqrat = divide + boqrat
Rattata chuSboqrat combination of chuSwI' and boqrat
Rhydon lIngta'pIn lIngta' + boss
Rhyhorn lIngta'DuQ llIngta' + stab
Sandshrew Do'olSaj sand pet
Sandslash Do'olSIj sand slit
Scyther qInutghew scythe bug
Seadra yItlhHun strict Hun
Seaking bIQta' bIQ'a' + ta' , ocean+emperor
Seel norIgh sounds like norgh (shark like creature)
Shellder naghotIDIr nagh DIr + ghotI' = shell + fish
Slowbro moDQo'DIch "certainty won't hurry"
Slowpoke moDbe'DIch "certainty doesn't hurry"
Snorlax wuDleS snore + rest
Spearow QInqIt spearhead+type of bird
Squirtle la'ghIt la'SIv + ghIt = turtle+squirt
Starmie jIHov me + star
Staryu SoHov you + star
Tangela meStI "the vegetation knots"
Tauros tangqaD tangqa' + qaD bull challenge
Tentacool bIqDeSeng bIQDep+DeS+Seng= water being+arm+trouble
Tentacruel bIqDeSagh bIQDep+DeS+Sagh= water being+arm+serious
Vaporeon mutyIQ wet species
Venomoth targhew poison bug
Venonat tarHommI small poison
Venusaur 'InSonlung flower+lizard
Victreebel pIn'In boss/authority +percussion instrument
Vileplume poch'up plant + repulsive
Voltorb rIHmoQ the orb energizes
Vulpix qulHom lesser fire
Wartortle la'blQ la'SIv+bIQ = turtle+water
Weedle DuQghew stab+insect, near/kind of reverse of 'ughDuq
Weepinbell QIn'In spearhead\message + percussion instrument
Weezing tlhovtlhov wheeze wheeze
Wigglytuff vovong wrestle/grapple + hypnotize
Zapdos 'ulcha' Electric two - zap dos
Zubat valqeD valqe' + qeD = bat + vacate (Zubat are famously super common, usually people will just run)

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