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On 30 November 2016, Star Trek actor Chase Masterson posted an image of a message coming from Marc Okrand describing the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. (1) Since it contains no errors and is trusted be a true message from Okrand, the text is acepted as canon.

Two new terms appeared in this message:
Klingon Translation Note
qangtlhIn n. ideology
'Irgh v. to bully (someone) applies to children and to adults
meHghem Qat n. pop culture This is new phrase using existing words
qum DuSaQ n. public school This is new phrase using existing words

Also, there's a usage of the verb num to mean "promote a message" (as opposed to the "promote (to a rank)" sense used in Klingon Monopoly of the Friend of Maltz certificate), and another usage of tur, a verb that appeared few weeks before in the Go Flight App.


tera' DIS cha' pagh wa' wej meHghem Qat Sub boq cherlu'. In 2013, Popular Culture Hero Coalition was established.
vay' mIpmoHbe' DIvI'vam, 'ej Hov leng qangtlhIn pabchu'. This organization does not enrich anyone (financially), and it perfectly follows the ideology of Star Trek.
qum DuSaQmeyDaq 'Irghbe'meH ghotpu' nabmey ghojmoH, In public schools, it teaches procedures so that people don't bully,
'ej pIj tay'taH Doch pIm num. and it promotes "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations".
Da'Irghlu'chugh, potlhqu' Huch Daghaqbogh, If you were bullied, money that you contribute is very important,
'ej yInmey lutoDlu'meH Qu' 'ut wItur 'e' QaH noblIj. and your gift will help us carry out an essential mission so that lives are saved.
pItlho'. maHvaD Huch Daghaqmo', bIquvqu'. We thank you. Because you contribute money to us, you are very honored.


1 : Message on Facebook, sent to the Klingon Assault Group on 11 Nov 2016

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