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Power Klingon is a tape by Marc Okrand and Barry Levine published in 1993. The english part is spoken by Michael Dorn, while Okrand does all the Klingon phrases. It offers instruction to non-Klingons on how to assert oneself linguistically within Klingon culture.


The tape was sold with different covers, just as the CD version had different covers. The typos are identical on all of them. The title line reads thlIngan Ho Dajatlh'a? instead of correct tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? for Do you speak Klingon? In the next line, the word Hlja should be HIja'

The photo on the cover displays three main characters from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, i.e. Captain Klaa, General Korrd, and Vixis.


For example, one part tells you how to order in a bar.

romuluS HIq vItlhutlh.
I will drink Romulan Ale.

HIvje' tIn yIteb.
Fill a large glass.

chuch yIqemQo'.
Do not bring ice.

Years later it was also released as a CD and as a supplemental on the third CD of the computer game StarTrekKlingon.

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