Purpose clause nouns

There are several nouns in Klingon which have an additional clause using the type 9 verb suffix -meH explaining what they are used for. In English, this can be translated using the verb + ing, as in "cutting knife". The literal and awkward translation would "knife in order to cut".

Although TKD does explain the suffix -meH, it never mentions such a thing as "purpose clause noun".


These noun phrases are treated as a complete noun and can do the role of the subject or object:
pe'meH pe'meH taj lo'.
In order to cut, he uses a cutting knife.


The plural of such nouns is made by adding the plural suffix to the noun.

'elmeH chaw'mey je'lu'ta'bogh
will-call tickets (Washington Shakespeare Company)

je'meH lengmey
Shopping (TalkNow: a "Category Title")

When there is a number stated the number is inserted between the VERB + -meH and the noun which has the plural suffix. Note: As this is the only canon example, it should be handled with care. One single usage does not set a definite rule.

polmeH jav QujwI' lIwmey
6 collectible tokens (Monopoly)

List of words

Clause Noun Translation Source
bachlu'meH chuq effective range SkyBox #14
DevmeH paq guide book TKW p. III
ghItlhmeH Ho'DoS writing system
ghojmeH ghItlhwI' pencil TalkNow
ghojmeH mIw lesson
ghojmeH taj boy's knife KCD
ghommeH yotlh plaza, courtyard qepHom 2016
HIjmeH chaw' stamp TalkNow
HIjmeH 'ap customs (fee) qepHom 2020
HuqmeH 'ap sales tax qepHom 2020
je'meH leng shopping TalkNow
ngeHmeH QIn nav postcard TalkNow
ngongmeH Duj experimental ship SkyBox #33
pe'meH taj cutting knife KGT
pe'meH 'echlet cutting board qepHom 2015
polmeH QujwI' lIw (playing) token Monopoly
qa'meH vIttlhegh replacement proverb Power Klingon
qa'meH mI' version number
QalmeH DoQmIv'a' swimming pool qepHom 2016
QongmeH Duj sleeper ship SkyBox #15
QujmeH moQ ball TalkNow
QumeH ngaSwI' mold (for casting) qepHom 2016
rI'meH wovmoHwI' beacon qepHom 2016
Soj polmeH pa' food storage Bird Of Prey Poster
SopmeH pa' dinig room newsgroup
voDmeH jan drill qep'a' 2018
vutmeH 'un cooking pot KGT
yachchuqmeH wutlh pa' cuddle dungeon
'elmeH chaw' ticket WSC
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