qepHom Saarbrücken

The qepHom in Saarbrücken is a qepHom happening each year in November since 2002, where Klingonists from entire Europe and beyond gather to speak the Klingon language. The Klingon spelling for Saarbrücken is Sarbruqen. (1)


Since the number of Klingon speakers in Europe is too small for a weekly or monthly meeting, Klingonist Lieven L. Litaer has set up this all-weekend annual qepHom (2).


In the first years, the Klingon meeting in Germany usually had about 20 to 25 Klingonists, mostly from Europe although there have also been visitors from Canada and the USA. After 2011, numbers have increased and today, there is a limit of attendees set at 70, due to organization reasons. European members come from countries like Sweden, Romania and Poland. As most of the Klingonists are from Germany, the main teaching language is German, but some lessons and games are done in English. A major part of the participants are Star Trek fans, but there are also many students who focus only on the language(3).


The meeting starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. Because of the different arrival times of the participants, there is no official schedule on the first day, but Klingonists use that spare time to talk about Klingon. During the meeting there are several lectures and games to learn Klingon for the beginners(4) while the advanced speakers chat in Klingon by themselves in separate groups.

At the final evening, there is a traditional party where some of the participants enjoy dressing up as Klingons.

Past qepHommey

# year motto notes
1 2002 - -
2 2003 - -
3 2004 Do is immer ebbes los -
4 2005 - -
5 2006 Nummer 5 lebt! -
6 2007 Lernst du noch oder sprichst du schon? -
7 2008 - new words qepHom 2008
8 2009 qepHom 8 - Die Wörterschlacht new words qepHom 2009
9 2010 qepHom Hut new words qepHom 2010
10 2011 Das Jubiläum visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2011
11 2012 Alarm für qepHom 11 new words qepHom 2012
12 2013 qepHom wa'maH cha' new words qepHom 2013
13 2014 das 13te qepHom new words qepHom 2014
14 2015 das Halloween-qepHom visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2015
15 2016 qep15Hom visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2016
16 2017 Es kann nur einen geben visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2017
17 2018 ghojchu' tIq neH visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2018
18 2019 Agents of Q.E.P.H.O.M. visited by Marc Okrand, new words qepHom 2019
19 2020 - Meeting has been cancelled due to covid-19-pandemic
20 2021 ? ?

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1 : qep'a' 2020

2 : Pfälzischer Merkur: Eine Sprache aus den Weiten des Weltraums

3 : Yens Wahlgren (2004). "Klingon as Linguistic Capital, A Sociologic Study of Nineteen Advanced Klingonists" (PDF; 182 kB) (in German). Retrieved 2013-10-07.

4 : Ralf Mohr: Klingonisch für Unterwegs. In: Forum – Das Wochenmagazin, 8. November 2013

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