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qepHom T-Shirts

For almost each qepHom in Saarbrücken, there has been a T-shirt for the attendees, showing a klingon motto with a klingon phrase. Until today, all T-shirts were black with a white font, except for one who had red letters.


2005: qepHom IV

qepHom T-shirt 2005
On top of this shirt, the word qepHom is written in pIqaD. In the upper right corner, you see a shape of a Bird of Prey.

The second line reads "qepHom 2005" in latin letters, with the year 2005 written in digital letters.

The last line says Do is immer ebbes los, a regional German dialect meaning "There is always something happening there."

2006: qepHom V

qepHom T-shirt 2006
The 5th anniversary T-shirt was a one-to-one copy of the 1989 movie poster of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, with a large "V" in the background.

On top of the logo, there is the phrase "Nr. 5 lebt" (German: "No. 5 is alive"), which is the German title of the movie "Short circuit".

In the center, you can read the word qepHom, the bottom line is "Saarbrücken 2006"

2007: qepHom VI

qepHom T-shirt 2007
This T-shirt imitated a famous commercial motto of furniture warehouse IKEA, which says "Wohnst du noch oder lebst du schon?" (actually hard to translate, because wohnen and leben are both translated into english as "live". The idea is basically Are you still existing, or do you live already?). The phrase on the T-shirt says "Lernst du noch oder sprichst du schon?", i.e. "Are you still learning, or do you speak already?".

In the upper right corner, you can find the shape of the Bird of Prey again, as an inofficial logo of the qepHom.

The top line shows the phrase qepHom'a' javDIch in pIqaD, with an intentionally ingrammatical suffix combination of -Hom + -'a', which has been approved by Marc Okrand, who realized that this qepHom really has become larger than just a -Hom.

2008: qepHom VII

qepHom T-shirt 2008
The qepHom 7 logo is imitating the James Bond logo using the "007".

The line on top of the logo says "Klingonisch lernen am qepHom", German for "learn klingon at qepHom".

2009: qepHom VIII

qepHom T-shirt 2009
For the eighth qepHom, the motto was a rhyme on the German word for 8 (acht). The T-shirt reads "qepHom acht - Die Wörterschlacht", meaning "qepHom eight, battle of words".

The shape of the Bird of Prey is seen again.

2010: qepHom IX

qepHom T-shirt 2010
The qepHom 9 logo is imitating the logo of Pizza Hut, because the word Hut is the number nine in Klingon.

The bottom line reads "9. Klingonischkurs Saarbrücken 19.11.2010".

2011: qepHom X

qepHom T-shirt 2011
The 10th anniversary T-shirt was an imitation of the famous 20th-Century-Fox logo.

The line below says "qepHom Saarbrücken 11. November 2011".

2012: qepHom XI

qepHom T-shirt 2012
The logo of the 11th T-shirt is based on a German TV-action-show called "Alarm für Cobra 11", adapted to "Alarm für qepHom 11".

2013: qepHom XII

qepHom T-shirt 2013
The twelvth T-shirt shows the phrase qepHom wa'maH cha' first in pIqaD, and then in IPA-symbols.

In the upper right corner, the shape of the Bird of Prey has returned.

The final line reads "qepHom Saarbrücken 2013".

2014: qepHom XIII

qepHom T-shirt 2014
The motto of the year shows the phrase "Das 13te qepHom" (German for "the 13th qepHom").

The design and layout of the image is imitating the movie poster of The 13th warrior.

2015: qepHom XIV

qepHom T-shirt 2015
back of T-shirt 2015
As an exception for the qepHom happening exactly on the day of Halloween, the shirt was written in red letters. The front shows the word qepHom written in creepy Halloween symbols.

The back of the shirt shows the phrase Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam (Today is a good day to die) using the font Klingon HaSta, but with added blood drips.

2016: qepHom XV

qepHom T-shirt 2016
To the occasion of the qepHom's 15th anniversary, which happens to collide with the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the official Star Trek anniversary logo was simply adapted to fit the qepHom.

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