qep'a' experiences

This page gathers descriptions and experiences by attendees of the qep'a', the KLI's annual gathering.

Story by John Harness

Written by 2016 serving Beginners Grammarian John Harness (1)

Let me tell you about my first qep'a'.

It was qep'a' wa'maH HutDIch [2012] and was held in Chicago, downtown, before WorldCon. I had been studying for about a year in earnest, with Jeremy Cowan's help, but was still very much a beginner. I walked into the hotel conference room and the first person I see is HoD Qanqor in QuchDaj and spiked gloves, carrying his guitar. He sees me, rushes towards me, and says loudly: tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH'a'?! Which was vaguely frightening, but probably the best introduction to qep'a' that one could hope for.

After being flustered for a second and I think figuring out what he was asking ("Can you speak Klingon?") – and I can't remember how I responded, either with HIja' or ghobe', but surely a lot of hand gestures – I was *in*. Everyone introduced themselves to me and we began fiddling with Klingon Scrabble, qaDHom wa' and cha' (I got up and simply read passages from ghIlghameS, without really knowing what I was reading) and great fun was had by all. I think I was the youngest person there [age 23] who was not someone else's family member. If I remember correctly there were one or two people with *no* Klingon experience, me – who could put together only one or two sentences, but could pronounce things okay, and Ye Olde Timers.

My other strongest memory from that time again involved HoD Qanqor: He sat me down with my dictionary and pointed at an empty styrofoam coffee cup on the table...

nuq 'oH? he asked. I stared at him blankly.
nuq 'oH?! yIngu'! he insisted. I shook my head at him in confusion. He pointed at my dictionary and said the phrase slowly. I looked through the dictionary and slowly, with many patient repetitions from Qanqor, put together what he was saying.
I said: Uh... cup... 'oH?
ghobe'! He said. tlhIngan Hol yIlo'! Dochvam yIngu'! nuq 'oH pongDaj'e'?!?
More confusion, more dictionary scowering. He wanted me to identify it -in Klingon-.
Finally, probably 45 minutes later, I struggled through the phrase: HIvje' 'oH.
majQa' he bellowed, as only a Da'Har master can bellow.

I had had my first Klingon conversation.

And so can you.

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1 : published in Facebook group "Learn Klingon", posted  on on 11 July 2017, published with his permission

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