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This article is about the magazine named Qugh. For the person, see Kruge, for the Klingon word, see Qugh.


Qugh (pronunciation: S) is an independent literary magazine dedicated to publishing mostly short-form Klingon poetry. Though it accepts and publishes translations, contributors are encouraged to present original works. The publication is edited and released bi-monthly by Jack Bradley on Lulu.

New Words

In issue Nr. 5 of February 2021, six Klingon transliterations for Terran cities were published.

ghuwan Rouen
la'avghe Le Havre
DIreS'en Dresden
Sen Seine
ra'yIn Rhine (river)
noghmanDIy Normandy


All issues are accessible as download for free on

Issue 1

The first issue appeared in May 2020. (1)

Qugh 1.jpg
First Issue

Issue 2

The second issue appeared in July 2020.(2)

Second Issue

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5


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