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pIqaD keyboard
quja' (pronunciation: S) is the name of a klingon keyboard language addon for AnySoftKeyboard, to be used on Android devices. The word quja' has no meaning in Klingon, but simply shows the first row of letters. Since its update on 24 March 2015, it is able to not only display a klingon keyboard, but also type pIqaD letters using the Unicode area, if an appropriate font is installed. The plugin has been developed by the Austrian klingonist reyutqa' lupeQ.


When using the displayed keyboard, you can switch between latinized transcription and pIqaD. There are four layouts to choose from.

regular quja'

The output will be latin characters. The displayed keyboard is rendered by the phone, so the letters are subject to the current font you're using. In case of a non-serif font, you might consider the "roman" layout.

roman quja'

Also has regular characters as output, but the letter covers are images of a serif font, so it's easy to differentitate I and l.

pIqaD quja'

Again, regular characters as output, but the cover images display pIqaD characters.

unicode quja'

Instead of the latin characters, this layout will produce the codes for klingon symbols according to the Evertype ConScript Unicode Registry code chart. ➞ see Unicode for details

Layout of the characters

The characters are intentionally different from QWERTY or DVORAK, since klingon as we know it uses different characters. The arrangement is based upon a word/letter usage count of Hamlet, then tweaked to be more accessible.

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