Ranks and titles

Ranks and titles always follow the name, e.g. Qugh HoD for captain Kruge (1). A ra'wI' is - directly translated - "someone who gives an order", thus does not indicate a rank. The rank of Sogh and higher can be called ra'wI'. Names of profession like QumpIn (communication officer) or yaS (officer) are not used as titles. (2).

Hierarchy of officers

Rank English Klingon
0 Supreme Commander la'quv
1 Admiral 'aj
2 General Sa'
3 Commodore totlh
4 Brigadier 'ech
5 Captain HoD
6 Commander la'
7 Lieutenant Sogh
8 Ensign lagh
9 Yeoman ne'

A retired officer bears the title 'utlh, i.e. qarghan 'utlh Kargan, officer emeritus. (3)

Hierarchy of soldiers

Rank English Klingon
1 Sergeant bu'
2 Corporal Da'
3 Soldier mang


The following honorofic titles originated from John Ford's novel The Final Reflection and are widely used in fandom. The Klingon spelling was provided at qepHom 2014.

Rank English Klingon
1 tai tay
2 vestai veStay
3 sutai Sutay
4 zantai Santay
5 epetai 'Iptay

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