Religion vocabulary

Long time ago, the Klingons have slayed all their gods, that's why we do not see many religious situations on screen. Nevertheless, there is some vocabulary that can be used to talk about that.

Vocabulary list

Klingon Translation
bulvar monk, nun gender-neutral
chIrgh temple structure, building
ghIn monastery, religious community structure, building
ghIn pIn abbot, abbess gender-neutral
lalDan religion
lat shrine
maqlegh priest, priestess gender-neutral
qa' spirit
Qun god general term


Har believe
Ho' admire
qoy' plead, beg

The verb paQ (meditate) is clearly explained as not to be used to say "pray".

Non-canon suggestions

In the usenet newsgroup, somebody asked for a word for "cleric". Okrand was hesitant answering, but Robyn Stewart provided some combinations that can be used depending on context. Okrand labeled them as "some really good suggestions."(1)
lalDan ghojmoHwI' teacher of religion
lalDan tay DevwI' leader of a religion ceremony
lalDan Sov choqwI' preserver of religious knowledge
qeylIS SuvwI' warrior of Kahless

"Priest" was translated as lalDan yaS in the Klingon Hamlet.

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1 : newsgroup message of June 17, 1998

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