Rich Yampell

Rich Yampell (Klingon name Qanqor or "Krankor") is a very experienced Klingonist and the first official grammarian of the KLI. He wrote regular grammatical columns in HolQeD, summarized in a book named The Grammarian's Desk in 1997. He was one of the instructors at the first Klingon Language Camp. At qep'a' javDIch in 1999 he received the award of being a Friend of Maltz.

Klingon name

Rich is much better known as "Captain Krankor", spelled in Klingon: HoD Qanqor. He received his title well before the ta' Hol convention of placing the rank after the name became the rule (See Names and address). He insists, perhaps due to a fierce loyalty to his apparent Sa'Qej heritage, or perhaps due to simple stubbornness, on being addressed in what would normally be considered a backwards fashion.

Klingon language achievements

Author of The Grammarian's Desk.

He created two famous Klingon songs, taHjaj wo' and the KLI's anthem 'Iv maH.

At the 21st qep'a' in 2014, there was a competition where one new replacement proverb (also one secrecy proverb) has been chosen by Marc Okrand from dozens of suggestions, submitted by the attendees. The winning replacement proverb was suggested by Captain Krankor(1)

jagh yIbuStaH
Focus on the enemy.

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1 : Posting at Facebook of July 27 2014

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