Robyn Stewart

Robyn Stewart in 2013
Robyn Stewart (born 1967, Klingon name: Qov) is a very experienced Klingonist who lives in Canada. She holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert), and is among the few people in the world who can speak Klingon fluently. She was a Beginner's Grammarian in 1997 and wrote regular beginner's lessons in the KLI's quarterly journal HolQeD. Robyn is known not only for her conversational fluency, but also her abilities as an author of original Klingon fiction; her novel nuq bop bom What is the Song About? is the longest original story ever written in the language.

She was honoured for her eminence as a Klingonist by being inducted into the order of the Friends of Maltz in 2001 and again in 2016 for her work on the Learn Klingon Online course.

In 2016 she was hired as Klingon language consultant for the new TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

Klingon name

The choice of Robyn's Klingon name was influenced by William Martin (charghwI') and Alan Anderson (ghunchu'wI'), who both have names formed by the pattern verb+wI'. She tried to translate the original meaning of her name, meaning something close to "shining bright with fame", into Klingon. She could choose between noywI', bochwI' and wovwI' and decided to use the last one. She soon noticed that people using that name spelled it with a major case W or pronounced -wI' incorrectly as "wee". She look at the klingons in John M. Ford's works, who change the first letter of their names to K when they attain rank in the fleet. Since klingon has no letter K, she replaced the w with a Q and dropped the suffix.(1)

Her name Qov has no meaning, and Marc Okrand has confirmed that he would not give that word any meaning.(2)

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1 : Message to the Learn Klingon group in Facebook, 31 January 2015

2 : talking to Lieven L. Litaer, October 2012

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