Row Row Row Your Boat

Row Row Row Your Boat is an English nursery rhyme and children's song often sung as a round.(1) It was sung in the film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Kirk, Spock, and Bones, with accompaniment on the Vulcan lyre.(2)

Klingon Lyrics

A Klingon-language version was taught by Mark Shoulson and performed at qep'a' chorghDIch in 2001 and later posted on Klingonska Akademien.(3) In May 2020, Jack Bradley (aka DeSDu') posted a performance of this nursery rhyme on his YouTube channel.(4)

ro' ro' ro' yIbot Block the fist, the fist, the fist.
jItlheD Daw' nguSDI' I depart. (It's) the revolution's motor (that)
marI'lI' marI'lI' we're hailing, we're hailing,
marI'lI' marI'lI' we're hailing, we're hailing.
law' veS bang DaghIm The wars are numerous. You exiled the beloved one.

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