rumor words

Sometimes words appear without any given source. This page is a reference to check for such words.


After qep'a' or qepHom 2019, these four words were published at Hol 'ampaS, but removed very quickly shortly after. Nevertheless, some people contantly observing those pages noticed the words and wrote them down. The source of the words was a message from Eric Andeen (1) They were listed in boQwI' as "non-canon" until they were confirmed at the qep'a' 2020 Q&A session.

buSHach thought, notion confirmed in the Q&A video at qep'a' 2020
luvnup daydream confirmed in the Q&A video at qep'a' 2020
Suchtuv dream, hallucination confirmed in the Q&A video at qep'a' 2020
'ergh hallucinate confirmed at qep'a' 2020

See the original message with the words about dreaming.

See also

  • The history of the word armpit, which probably was the first rumored word


1 : Link reported by Jeremy Silver in the Facebook group "Learn Klingon" on April 16, 2020

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