Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness is the 12th Star Trek movie. It was made in 2013 and contained one single scene with a Klingon dialogue, mostly spoken by Uhura and one unnamed Klingon commander.


A criminal has attacked the Federation. Captain Kirk wants to catch him. During his escape, the villain is hiding on the Klingon homeworld. When Kirk and his crew search for him, they are stopped by a klingon vessel. Lt. Uhura tries to communicate with them, because she is the only one who speaks klingon.

Klingon Dialogue

As it was usual for the previous movies, Marc Okrand, had been called to provide the Klingon dialogues. He sent them on MP3 files per email, but was not on the set himself. It was Britton Watkins, a member of the Klingon Language Institute and expert for several constructed languages, who was there to teach the actors. Later, after the editing work was finished, the Klingon scenes were so much scrambled that the dialogues did not make sense any more, at least one scene has even been played backwards. Okrand was asked to construct a new dialogue fitting the lips movement but also following the known Klingon grammar.

Okrand has worked with Zoe Saldana during post-production to redub the new phrases, but not with Sean Blakemore, who played the Klingon commander.(1) Since Blackmore mispronounced the word Hegh as Hey, Okrand provided a definition for this new word, although the basic meaning of the sentenced remeined the same.

Final movie dialogue

Speaker Phrase Klingon Subtitles
Uhura 1 jIvuylaH. jIve'. I am here to help you.
Uhura 2 jIyI'. With respect.
Uhura 3 ghach jIvvo' naH. DaH pIghvamDaq So''eghtaH. There is a criminal1 hiding in these ruins.
Uhura 4 'ej Dojmey wID - vInDa'ma' peq. He has killed many of our people.
Klingon 5 toH, Hey Humanpu'. qatlh DISaH? Why should I care about a human killing humans?
Uhura 6 potlhmo' batlh, vIqawba'. Because you care about honor.
Uhura 7 'ej chIvo' neH chIw vum'e'. And this man has none.
Uhura 8 Qob lIb bam SoH chuDlI' je. You and your people are in danger.

1 The first version of subtitles had the word terrorist instead of criminal

Originally filmed dialogue / first rough cut

Phrases with numbers were used in the final cut with different words; Phrases with a hyphen (-) were not used at all. Phrase 5 was played backwards, so the written words do not fit any of the final words.
Speaker refit Klingon translation (incorrect) Subtitles
Uhura 1 DevwI' ghaH 'Iv'e'? Who is the leader? Who fired at my ship?
Uhura 6 mughojmoH parmaqqaywI'. My romantic partner has taught me. I am here looking for someone.
Uhura - naDev vIghochpu'. I tracked him here. Someone who stole from me.
Klingon 5 tlhIngan Dangaghpu'a' SoH? You have mated with a Klingon? And this thief is a klingon?
Uhura - HIja'. Yes. Yes.
Uhura 7 jIHvo' nIHDI' jIbup. I dumped (him) when he stole from me. He was my lover.
Uhura - DaH vengvam pIghDaq So''eghtaH. Now he is hiding in the ruins of this city. And now he hides in this deserted city.
Uhura - ...nuch. ...coward. ...coward.
Uhura 4 ghaH vISammeH 'ej DochmeywIj vItlhap... To find him and to take my things... I have come to find him and take back what's mine.
Klingon - bInep You lie. You lie.
Uhura - vaj HIHoH. Then kill me. Then kill me.
Uhura - batlh jIHeghbej. I certainly die with honor. At least I will die with honor.

Klingon music

On the original soundtrack, track 6 is called "Klingon Wartet". In the movie it can be heard during the escape scene in the Klingon homeworld where Kirk is chased by the Klingons. There are some choral phrases heard in the background, but it was never clear what they meant, because Marc Okrand did not provide these(2).

The composer of the score, Michael Giacchino, has apparently given a number of interviews in which he's claimed that it's real Klingon. According to him, the Klingon phrases were supplied by the wife of Alex Levy, his music editor, who (the wife) allegedly speaks Klingon.

The german Klingonist André Müller has actually tracked this down: He attended a live performance of the music and managed to speak to Alex Levy's wife, who provided the Klingon translation and who apparently actually does speak some Klingon (3).

The repeated background phrase which we couldn't decipher was:

Heghjaj Harbe'wI'pu'
may the infidels die


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3 : message to the mailing list by David Yonge-Mallo of 20 Sep 2014

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