Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is the working title for the 13th Star Trek movie. Not much is known about the 50th anniversary movie, planned to be released 22 of July 2016. J.J. Abrams was not the director (as he was for Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness), but the basic cast will be returning (1). Simon Pegg (actor of chief engineer „Scotty“) is writing the story, Justin Lin is directing the movie.


In Star Trek Beyond, the crew of the Enterprise are deep into their five year mission to seek out new planets and lifeforms. We don't know any more about the actual plot.

Klingon language

The director said during an interview that there will be no klingons in the movie (2). So it's quite obvious there will be no klingon in the movie.

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1 : ‘Star Trek 3’ Recruits Writers to Join Roberto Orci, retrieved 24 August 2015

2 : Justin Lin Confirms There Are No Klingons In 'Star Trek Beyond' on, 16 Dec 2015

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