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The Star Trek 5 notes are a collection of notes by Marc Okrand used for the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. They contain several phrases which were supposed to, but were eventually not used in the movie. These notes have been published 1999 in HolQeD (1).

Inside the commercially available script for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier you won't find much Klingon. The lines designated to be spoken in Klingon appear, parenthetically, in English. During the making of the film Marc Okrand created notes and tapes for the Klingon actors to work from in preparing their lines. Some samples of these appear below; the scene number refers to the version of the script in use when the actors were given the Klingon material, and does not precisely correspond to the numbering of the final script.

Lawrence M. Schoen, HolQeD 8:4, p. 11

The notes

Obvious mistakes and typos have been corrected: The verb ngeH send was once typed as ngoH, but it's clear that it's the same verb. The name of Captain Klaa was written as tlh'a', but from Klingon phonology, it is also clear that this is a typo for tlha'a. At one word, there was a missing apostrophe on the word 'entepray'. In the final line, the imperative prefix was written as pu- instead of pe-.

It is to be mentioned that in the original text all the syllables were separated by hyphens. These have been removed here for better readability.

Scene 32
Korrd Romulan women belong on their backs! DungDaq legh 'ej QotnIStaH romuluSngan be'pu'
Korrd The only thing I want you to open is your blouse. yIvbeHlIj neH DapoSmoH vIneH
Korrd I've heard Romulan women are different pImlaw' romuluSngan be' porgh
Scene 45
Vixis Captain Klaa, we have a target in sight. A probe of ancient origin. tlha'a HoD, DoS wIpuStaH. nejwI' tIQ 'oH
Klaa Difficult to hit? wIqIpmeH Qatlh'a'
Vixis Most difficult. Qatlhqu'
Klaa Good. maj
Scene 48
Klaa Shooting space garbage is no test of a warrior's mettle. I need a target that fights back. logh veQDaq bachchugh, yoH 'e' toblaHbe' SuvwI'. muSuvbogh DoS vIpoQ
Vixis Captain, we are receiving a priority message from Operations Command. HoD, yo'SeH yaHnIvvo' potlh De' wIHevtaH
Commander Captain Klaa, proceed to Nimbus III. tlha'a HoD, nImbuS wej yIghoS.
A criminal has succeeded in taking hostages. vubpu' jonta' HeSwI'.
One hostage is a Klingon diplomat. One is a Terran. One is a Romulan. wa' vub ghaH tlhIngan gharwI''e'. wa' ghaH tera'ngan'e'.
Do not delay. Alter your course now. Defend the Klingon race with honor. Success. mImQo'. DaH Heraj yIchoH. batlh tlhIngan Segh yIHub. Qapla'.
Vixis One of the hostages is a Klingon. tlhIngan ghaH wa'
Klaa And the others? latlh
Vixis A Terran and a Romulan. wa' tera'ngan je wa' romuluS ngan
Klaa That means the Federation will be sending a rescue ship of its own. vaj toDDujDaj ngeHbej DIvI'.
Plot course for Nimbus III. I've always wanted to engage a Federation ship. nImbuS wej maghoS, He yInab. reH DIvI' Duj vISuv vIneH
Scene 64
Vixis We've just received an encoded message on the Federation frequency. DIvI' Se' wI'IjtaHvIS DaH ngoq De' wIHevta'.
The Starship Enterprise has been dispatched to Nimbus III. nImbuS wejDaq 'ejDo' 'entepray' ngeHlu'pu'
Klaa Enterprise? That's Kirk's ship. 'entepray''a'. qIrq Duj 'oH
Vixis "There will be no peace as long as Kirk lives." yIntaHvIS qIrq DuHbe' roj.
Vixis Our Empire's highest bounty has been placed on his head. jonlu'meH wo'maj pop tIn law' Hoch tIn puS
Klaa James T. Kirk. I've followed his history since I was a boy. jemS tIy qIrq. loDHom jIHDI' qIrq qun vIqImchoH.
Klaa A man to admire... and hate. If I could defeat Kirk... ghotvam Ho'lu'. 'ej muSlu'. qIrq vIjeylaHchugh...
Vixis You would be the greatest warrior in the galaxy. qIbDaq SuvwI''e' SoH Dun law' Hoch Dun puS
Klaa Maximum speed! Success! nom yIghoSqu! Qapla'
Vixis Success, my captain. Qapla', HoDwI'
Scene 122
Vixis Estimating attack range in 8,000 kellicams. chorghSaD qelI'qam HIvchuq 'e' vInoH
Klaa Stealth approach. Slow to one quarter impulse power. ghoSmeH yIpegh. cha'maHvagh vatlhvI' Hong, QIt yIghoS.
Klaa Prepare to cloak. Engage cloaking device. yISo'rup. So'wI' yI'chu'
Scene 127
Klaa Kirk! He's on the shuttlecraft! qIrq. DujHomDaq ghaHtaH
Scene 134
Klaa Stand by to decloak and for firing. yISo'Ha'rup, yIghuS
Scene 142
Klaa Bear on Enterprise 'entepray' yIghoS
Scene 144
Vixis Enterprise targeted. 'entepray' 'oH DoS'e'
Klaa Firing! vIbaH
Scene 146
Klaa Track her course! HeDaj yIqIm
Damn he's good. ghuy' po'qu'
Scene 174
Klaa Plot course He pagh pagh vagh jav pagh jav yInab
Vixis But, Captain, that course will take us into the Barrier as well. It's certain death. 'ach, HoD, Hevvetlh wIghoS chugh veH tIn wI'el maH'e'. maHeghbejqu'
Klaa Where Kirk goes, we follow. qIrq wItlha'taHqu'
Scene 252
Vixis Enterprise defense systems are down. Captain, they don't know we're here. 'entepray' Hub patmey luchu'be'lu'pu'. HoD, naDev maH 'e' luSovbe'
Klaa They will in a moment. tugh luSovbej
Scene 269
Korrd Release him. yIjonHa'
Scene 269
Korrd Enjoy yourselves. That's an order. We're here. petIv'egh. qara'qu'

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1 : HolQeD 8:4, p. 11-13, article by Lawrence M. Schoen


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