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Sarcophagus Plinth

Please note that Klingon on Star Trek Discovery is not considered canon.

pIqaD in DSC 01 full.jpg
Scene with Klingon letters

pIqaD in DSC 01.jpg
close-up of the Klingon letters

The sarcophagus plinth is one of the places in Star Trek: Discovery where there was some pIqaD seen on screen.

In the first episode "A Vulcan Hello", there is a sarcophagus standing on a big plinth. After it is removed, one can see half of the words engraved on it. The inscription was visible for less than half a second, but just long enough to be recognized. From a behind the scenes photo released after the premiere on September 25, 2017, it was possible to see the rest of the letters.

The first part reads Suto'vo'qor vIjaH 'ach 'opleS jIchegh 'e' vIlay', meaning roughly "I go to StoVoKor, but I promise to come back one day". The second part of the plate says ghIq chalDaq HovDaq SIq qeylIS 'ej jatlh pa' DaqHomvetlh wovDaq HInej. Backtranslated, this means "Then Kahless pointed to a star at the sky and said: Find me at that bright place up there." These phrases are based on the legend around Kahless called "The Story of the Promise", first mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rightful Heir". (1)

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1 : The Story of the Promise on Memory Alpha

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