Science terms

Over the years, it has become clear that sciences are usually a compound noun made of the category plus the word QeD (science). The person perfoming the science is described by the same basic term plus the word tej (scientist). Compare HovQeD astronomy with Hovtej astronomer.

If the name of a science is known as xQeD then usually the according scientist is called a xtej. Unless such words were found in a canon publication, these are marked as "derived" in the following list. Sciences are usually written as one word, without a space. There are only two known exceptions for this: DI'ruj QeD and Hov leng QeD. (1)

basis science source person source
anatomy porghQeD HQ 12.4 porghtej derived
archaeology roSqa'QeD qep'a' 2019 roSqa'tej derived
astronomy HovQeD The Little Prince Hovtej The Little Prince
chemistry tamlerQeD qep'a' 2019 tamlertej derived
economics HuchQeD KGT Huchtej derived
genealogy no'QeD qep'a' 2019 no'tej derived
genetics rayQeD qep'a' 2019 raytej derived
geography yuQQeD The Little Prince yuQtej The Little Prince
history qunQeD The Little Prince quntej The Little Prince
linguistics HolQeD KGT Holtej derived
mathematics mI'QeD Klingon Blockly mI'tej Klingon Blockly
metaphysics DI'ruj QeD qep'a' 2019 DI'ruj tej qepHom 2019, p. 17
paleontology 'an'orQeD qepHom 2019 'an'ortej qepHom 2019
physics HapQeD qep'a' 2019 Haptej derived
quantum mechanics 'otlhQeD qepHom 2014 'otlhtej qepHom 2014
sociology nughQeD mailing list(2) nughtej derived
Treknology Hov leng QeD STC 104 Hov leng tej derived

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1 : qepHom 2019, p. 17

2 : Thesis of Yens Wahlgren, see dissertations

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