Scott Willis

Scott Willis (Klingon name: ngabwI') is an American Klingonist and was the 12th Beginners' Grammarian.

Personal stuff

Scott Willis is a Klingon language student in Tampa, Florida. He is married, and enjoys programming, web design, homebrewing, soapmaking, and so on. He is currently working on an artificial neural network that will teach itself to play Klin Zha. His sole contribution so far to Klingonhood is a Klingon Stardate system. He is basically a 6'3" (190 cm, 5.46 'uj) kid.

His Klingon name

Explanation by himself:
"Why ngabwI'?" I am a semi-professional magician. When magicians talk amongst themselves, the word "vanish" ngab refers to making something vanish, be it a coin, a ball, chicken, etc. When I chose my name, I was going for "one who vanishes", in the sense that the word is used in sleight-of-hand. I realized too late that what I should have named myself was ngabmoHwI' "one who causes (something) to vanish". But by then, I had already introduced myself, and the name had grown on me.

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