Secrecy proverb

A secrecy proverb (in Klingon: peghmeH vIttlhegh) is said to reinforce or acknowledge that something is said in secret(1).


Several other secrecy proverbs were given on the audio tape Power Klingon:

Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj.
A day without secrets is like a night without stars.

De' lI' Sovlu'DI' chaq Do'Ha'.
Knowledge of useful information may be unfortunate.

not mev peghmey.
Secrets never cease.

jIjatlhpa' jatlh Hovmey.
The stars will talk before I will.

Later additions

At the 21st qep'a' in 2014, there was a competition where one new secrecy proverb (also one replacement proverb) was chosen by Marc Okrand from dozens of suggestions, submitted by the attendees. The winning proverb was suggested by Lawrence M. Schoen(2)

'Iw HIq yap tu'lu'be'
Sufficient blood wine does not exist.

That contest weas repeated in 2018 at qep'a' 25. The newly identified secrecy proverb was submitted by Jack Bradley:

vabDot Sovbe' targhwIj.
"Even my targ won't know!"

It's more literally "in addition, my targ will not know," with an assumed reference to others not knowing in the first place.

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1 : Power Klingon

2 : Posting at Facebook of July 27 2014

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