Sepqep (literally: "region-meeting", pronunciation: S) is a qepHom focused on regional dialects of Klingon, particularly Morskan. It was conceived of in 2019 by Jack Bradley (aka DeSDu') and Daniel Dadap (aka Hugh). The first Sepqep happened on November 9th, 2019, in Austin, TX.

Sepqep is unique in that it is the first and only known organized Klingon language meeting to focus on a dialect other than the standard ta' Hol. Attendance is open at no cost to speakers of all levels, although the conference organizers do request that interested attendees register to assist with planning purposes.

New Words

At the first qepqep, Jack Bradley contacted Marc Okrand. He answered that Maltz could not say anything about Morskan words, but he did give the official Klingon versions of two Terran place names: the US state of Texas and its capital, Austin: teqSaS and 'oStIn

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