The word "sign" can have several meanings.


maQmIgh bad omen

maQ omen, sign
This word can also be used meaning "signal", in the sense of a notice that action should be taken.(1)

yInroH lifesigns
Although yIn means "life", There is no known word roH.


sign a treaty

qI' sign (a treaty)

sign in / register

For the Netflix stuff connected with "Discovery," the word mab "agreement, treaty, contract" was used for "account," so I'd stick with that. (2)

In the above message, Okrand referred to this:
For an account, you can use the account terminology: mab(vam) qI'lu'ta'.(3)

It follows that "register for" or "sign up for" (an account) would be qI' "sign [a treaty]." So "register for an account" is mab qI'. (4)

sign in / log in

Maltz says "sign/log in" is ngaQHa'moH (and "sign out" is ngaQmoH). People say mab ngaQmoH and so on, but this is a special formation, special argot, frozen form. Maltz said he thinks this may have been shortened from an earlier way to say it, something like mab Hung lojmIt ngaQmoH.(5)

sign up for an event

To "sign up" for an event is something else. That would be jeS 'e' Sap "volunteer to participate" (even if the signing up isn't all that voluntary). You'd say the same thing for signing up for something in advance and for deciding on the spot to participate in an event that's ongoing or about to start. (6)


1 : based on usage in paq'batlh.

2 , 4 , 5 , 6 : message of Febraury 17, 2018 on the mailing list

3 : definitely from Okrand, but source missing

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