slang or jargon usually is used to describe a non-standarised language variety or a non-standarised vocabulary, which is only used in specific quarters or by specific persons.(1) In Klingon those words are called mu'mey ghoQ, literally fresh words and are mostly used by young klingons.(2)

Some words are easy to derive: bej, moH and qu' remind of suffixes, Dach means being absent and is used here in a figurative sense. Haq means operate (in a medical sense) and is used in a figurative sense here, too. pIn originally means boss and is also used for experts in slang.

List of slang-expressions

Here you can find a list of slang-expressions.

Klingon English literally
bachHa' make a mistake shoot wrongly
bej be sure watch; as suffix: be sure
bochmoHwI' sycophant, flatterer Polisher
bolwI' Traitor drooler
buy' ngop It is good to hear that the plates are full
chatlh rubbish soup
chelwI' somebody who has to do with accounting adder
chong profound, thorough be vertical
chuH explain stab with a spear
Dach be distracted, not attentive be absent
Degh improvise helm
Duj ngaDHa' irresponsible person unstable ship
ghIgh duty, quest chain
Haq intervene perform surgery
Ha'DIbaH Dog! animal
Hom weakling bone
Ho' idol tooth
Hur'Iq outsider Hur'k
jav prisoner number six
luH get somebody to tell a secret root out
moH exert undue influence on sombody ugly
mo' motive, cause cage
naQ pony tail (hair-cut) staff
natlh be disgusting use up, consume, expend
na' be sure, be difinite salty
ngup Authority cape
paw' butt heads collide
pIn expert boss
qang always agreee with pour
qu' be great strong
QaD be protected dry
Qom be dangerous experience a tremor
Qop be dead (meals) outdated
SaS be shallow horizontal
SIj be clever to cut
Sub be brave
tlham order gravity
tlhuH be refreshed breath
vonlu' fail utterly be trapped
yIv irk, irritate to chew
'Igh be cursed

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