The general word for "sound, noise" is wab. It appears in QIch wab "speech sound, phoneme", wab ta "sound record" and wab Do "speed of sound".

Sound nouns

Sounds which are expressed by verbs in English ("beep, click" etc.) are usually expressed using the noun of the noise combined with the verb tlhen "sound as, produce the sound of". (qep'a' 2021) So instead of saying "it beeps", you say "it produces a beep noise." (1)

Klingon Translation Example of usage Translation
bobDar splash bobDar tlhen (it) produces a splash sound
lu'lap beep lu'lap tlhen (it) produces a beep noise
rIS click rIS tlhen (it) produces a click sound
SuqwIl hiss SuqwIl tlhen (it) produces a hiss sound

When animals make a sound, the verb is ghugh "vocalize". Known animal sounds are welwelwel for a targ and 'Imyagh for a cat (that is, a vIghro' or a ghISnar). These words are considered as an exclamation, just like English "Woof!"

Sound verbs

Klingon Translation
ghughugh growl
Qoghogh snort
rIS make a cracking os snapping sound

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