Star Trek Customizable Card Game

There is one card in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game entirely in Klingon. It's a card from "The Fajo Collection", released december 1997(1).

Klingon language

The card is a so called interrupt card, qaghwI' in Klingon. The first part is a summary of proverbs from The Klingon Way, but the second reads:

DuHIvchugh ghol vaj qaStaHvIS may'vetlh HoSDaq ghob luchel quv ghajbogh tlhInganpu'lI'. [vI'be']
If an opponent attacks you, during that battle your Klingons with Honor add INTEGRITY to STRENGTH. (Not cumulative.)

The English translation is found in the Fajo deck's rulebook (2), but the translator remains unknown. The phrase is mostly accurate, but even if it's canon, it does not reveal anything too exciting, except perhaps confirming that one can ghaj honor, and perhaps speaking of quv in the plural (individual honor?), but that's probably more a matter of an unintentionally omitted lu- prefix.

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1 : Star Trek Customizable Card Game on Wikipedia

2 : Fajo Collection Rules Supplement

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