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Published from 1994 to 2005, Star Trek: Communicator (abbreviated "STC") was the magazine of the - at that time - official Star Trek fan club. I was published by "The Official Fan Club, Inc." but copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. Its predecessor was called "Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine" and had 99 issues, which was the reason to start the Star Trek Communicator with issue #100.

From 1997 to 2000 there was an italian version with the title "Star Trek: La Rivista Ufficiale" (1).

Special Klingon Issue

Cover of Special Klingon Edition
Edition #104 of October/November 1995 was a special edition about Klingons and contained several Klingon phrases ans transliterations for Terran names, mostly actors. The translations were all provided by Marc Okrand hence regarded as part of the canon. (2)

The Klingon language

On page 4 of the magazine, there is an article about the Klingon language. It starts with the phrase tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? Do you speak Klingon? (with the "eye" mistyped as an "ell"). The largest part of the article is an interview with Lawrence M. Schoen in which he explains the origins of the KLI and their plans to translate Hamlet.

Chapter titles

The magazine's title "Special Klingon issue" is translated as tlhIngan jabbI'ID le', literally "special Klingon transmission". There is a typo on the cover in the word jabbI'ID, writing one capital I ("eye") as a lower case l ("ell"). The chapter titles reveal some new Klingon expressions, but haved no new words. They are all written in upper case letters, but with upper case letters larger than lower case, for instance HOV LENG QED. So it's always clear which words they represent.

Page Klingon title Translation Literal translation
3 Hov leng ngoDHommey trekbits small Star Trek facts
5 QumwI' communicator communicator
8 Hov leng De' chu' Star Trek update Star Trek new information
10 Qu' vu'wI' yaH mission ops working station of the mission manager
12 De' naw'wI' data access data accessor
14 tojbogh pa' tuHmey holodeck adventures maneuvers of the deceiving room
16 ghotpu' tamey personnel file records of persons
64 Hov leng QeD treknology Star Trek science
66 DIvI' tamey ngo' federation archives old records of the federation


On page 17 of the edition, the names of main Klingon characters are listed as Klingon transliterations. The English spellings are missing, but it's easy to recognize who they are referring to.
Line Name Name Klingon Character
1 mayqel Do'rIn Michael Dorn Worf
2 raqSan bIQ-DawSon Roxann Biggs-Dawson B'Elanna
3 rabe'rIt 'o'raylIy Robert O'Reilly Gowron
4 mayqel 'anSa'ra Michael Ansara Kang
5 jan qalI'qoS John Colicos Kor
6 barbara' ma'rIch Barbara March Lursa
7 ghuwI'nItlh wa'lIS Gwynyth Walsh B'Etor

The name qalI'qoS was incorrectly written as kalI'qoS (with a K), but there is no K in Klingon.


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