Star Trek: Continuum

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Star Trek: Continuum was a project that was created in a cooperation between Microsoft and Paramount Digital Entertainment in 1996 (1). The Klingon language section of this was called "Klingon Linguistic Studies", therefore the abbreviation KLS is seen quite often as well.

The project published background information on TOS, TNG, DSN and VOY for every fan, who also was a MSN member. According to the home page, the following things were planned:

  • list of episodes with summaries
  • trailer, teaser and other video clips
  • articles, interviews and video clips of the set
  • informations of the official Star Trek fanclub
  • news from Paramount
  • index of every TV channel broadcasting Star Trek
  • chats with the film crew and the actors
  • live transmissions of events
  • e-mails to the personnel office
  • chats and 3D-chats with fans
  • authentic LCARS-surface

Because there are only a few parts preserved in the web archive, it is impossible to reconstruct how many of those were actually implemented.

Klingon Compendium

The Klingon Compendium was the name of a Klingon section of website. It consisted of two parts:(2)(3)
  • "Klingon Linguistic Studies", with Klingon vocabulary with definitions. These definitions were expanded by the website editors and are not canon.
  • "Klingon Culture" database with descriptions and images of Klingon-related things seen in the shows and movies


1 : Announcement of July 10, 1996, retrieved 30 December 2019

2 : Message to the mailing list of Steven Boozer of January 13, 2020

3 : Message to the mailing list of David Yonge-Mallo of January 13, 2020


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