Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek: Enterprise (abbreviated ENT) was the sixth TV-show based on Star Trek, although it takes place before Star Trek (The Original Series). There is not much Klingon spoken on Enterprise. Some notable Klingon characters are Klaang, Duras.

1.01 - Broken Bow

Bad Klingon, mostly non understandable nonsense.

1.14 - Sleeping Dogs

[information missing]

2.19 - Judgement

No klingon spoken

4.06 - The Augments

This episode had only two lines in Klingon, spoken by Brent Spiner. They were translated by Marc Okrand (see below).
Speaker Klingon phrase English subtitles
Soong quv lughaj 'archer HoD beqDaj je Captain Archer and his crew are honourable people.
Soong lengtaH 'e' yIchaw' Let them continue on their way.

4.11 - Observer Effect

Few words spoken by Hoshi, but not comprehensible. The closed captions just said [speaking Klingon].

It sounds something close to jelIqo te qo-juq jatleh qapla'.

In tis situation, Hoshi has been infected by a virus and is deliriously speaking. In other languages, like Russian and Spanish, she says that she wanted to say goodbye to her students in various languages. Since many authors misuse the word Qapla' in the sense of "goodbye", it is possible this is the same phrase in Klingon. The final word "jatleh" could be a bad pronunciation for jatlh say. Combined with Qapla', it could mean "say goodbye" yomehow.

4.15 - Affliction

The lines from the episode "Affliction" have been translated by Marc Okrand, but he was not credited. It was episode writer Mike Sussman who wanted the characters to speak authentic Klingon, so he contacted Okrand. (1) Oddly, there was no Klingon used in the second part "Divergence".

On the Qu'Vat colony, a Klingon scientist works in a laboratory, watched by a Klingon general and a guard. A representation of a DNA helix is displayed behind the scientist. A door opens and a Klingon prisoner is led into the laboratory by two soldiers.

Speaker Klingon phrase English subtitles
Prisoner qatlh tuneH What do you want with me?
K'Vagh yIngaQmoH Secure him.
Prisoner loHwI' vISuch 'e' vIpoQ I demand to see the magistrate.
Prisoner vImuHlu' net wuqHa' My death sentence was commuted!
Marab DaH petagh Begin now! (not translated)
Marab 'ay'vamDaq nuHmey tIQeq Target weapons on this location.
Marab jol Quv yIchegh Return to the transport site.
Augment yItlhapQo'[?] Leave him! (not translated)
Marab SoHvaD pagh vIjatlh, Human I have nothing to say to you, human.

There are no new words but there are a couple of extended meanings and suffixed forms:

Qeq target (v.)
ngaQmoH secure/lock (something) (v.)
wuqHa' commute (lit. "un-decide", i.e. revoke a decision) (v.)
jol Quv transport site (lit. "transporter coordinates" (n.)

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1 : Reported by Mike Sussman himself on Memory Alpha, Revision as of 22:00, 21 May 2005. User account verified.

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