Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager (abbreviated VOY) was the fifth TV-show based on Star Trek, aired from 1995 til 2001. The story is situated in the same time period of Star Trek: The Next Generation starting two years after the first season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Appearing Klingon characters

B'Elanna Torres is the chief engineer. Her mother was a Klingon, her father a Human. Since the whole story plays in the delta quadrant, a long distance from Earth, there are not many encounters with other Klingons.

Used Klingon dialogues

There was not much Klingon spoken in the show, and the words heard were either strangly combined words from the dictionary, or just author made-up nonsense Klingon.

3.22 - Real life

In the episode where the holographic doctor created his family, the son invites some friends which speak some words in Klingon.

4.26 - Hope and fear

In this episode, the word "Klingon" is used to refer to the Klingon language, instead of the rarely used term "Klingonese":
Captain Janeway says "And to think I still struggle with basic Klingon." A bit later, B'Elanna Torres says "No problem. You speak Klingon?"

6.03 - Barge of the dead

This episode gives a good insight into Klingon belief about the afterlife. In this episode, the doctor teaches Seven the Klingon drinking song.

7.13 - Prophecy

Voyager becomes a battleground for the descendants of a group of Klingon pilgrims, some of whom believe that B'Elanna Torres's child is their savior.

7.25 - Endgame

One Klingon appears in this episode.

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