Starbase Indy

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Okrand talking at Starbase Indy 2016
Starbase Indy is the name of a non-profit science fiction convention in Indianapolis.

During the event of 26 November 2016, Marc Okrand gave a one hour long Klingon 101 lesson. Before he started that lesson, he mentioned that he was doing this for the first time in this way. Of course he had taught the actors how to speak, but never a large group like the one he was facing. Chris Lipscombe recorded most of it in two sections and posted them on his YouTube channel. He could not record it all because his device ran out of space. (1)

Part 1 shows some interesting information about pronunciation:

Part 2 includes some grammar and questioning:

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1 : Message by Chris Lipscombe to the mailing list of 01 Dec 2016

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