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Starfleet Gala

The Starfleet Gala is a Star Trek Convention in Ottawa, Canada, happening on 12 May 2016. Special guests will be Captain Kirk actor William Shatner, René Auberjonois (“Odo” in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and John de Lancie (“Q” in Star Trek: The Next Generation). (1)

The information page is available in English, French and Klingon(2) (3). The entire text is correctly displayed in Klingon pIqaD letters, and the Klingon text is without any mistakes. The text was translated by Chris Lipscombe and Felix Malmenbeck, members of the Klingon Language Institute (4) (5).

Analysis of the Klingon

The klingon text is very well written and contains no grammatical mistakes. There was only one typo in the first version of the text, but the web manager fixed immediately after being pointed at(6). The transcription for Odo ('oDo') is not canon, but it perfectly follows Klingon phonology. The use of the relative suffix -bogh in the lines 7-10 might be omitted depending the meaning of the phrases, but in this case it is needed because it is written as a list of nouns.

1 De' Information
2 DuneH DIvI'. The federation wants you.
3 DaHjaj 'ejyo' yImuv. Join Starfleet today.
4 'ejyo' 'uQ'a'Daq jatlh Humanpu' 'ej HIq tu'lu'. Humans will talk at the Starfleet banquet and there will be wine.
5 qaStaHvIS jar vaghDIch jaj wa'maH cha'DIch, During the twelvth day of fifth month,
6 tera'ngan muD Dujmey tIQ pIvghor ghajbe'bogh Dujmey'e' je ngaSbogh qachDaq qaS 'uQ'a'. the banquet will happen at the the building which contains old terran airplanes without warp drives.
7 Human ghaHbogh jatlhwI' potlhqu''e', jemS tIy qIrq 'ejyo' 'aj. The important speaker (which) is a human, Starfleet Admiral James T. Kirk
8 tlhIngan chaHbe'bogh latlh jatlhwI''e', The additonal speakers, which are not Klingons:
9 choH'eghwI'vaD 'oDo' ponglu'bogh. the changeling that is called Odo.
10 ghotvaD Q ponglu'bogh. the being that is called Q.
11 'eb lI' tu'lu'. There is a special opportunity.
12 pIq DIvI' cham 'Itlh lo' DaHjaj tera'nganpu' 'e' DabejlaH. You can see today's terrans using advanced federation technology of the future.
13 qIrq DaghommeH (vIq chaw'be'lu') To meet Kirk (battle not allowed)
14 'ej The Starfleet Academy Experience (DaHjaj tera'nganpu' SammeH 'ej pIqDaq ngeHmeH jInmol) DaSuchmeH, and to visit The Starfleet Academy Experience (to find today's Terrans and a project to send into the future),
15 meb potlh SoHnIS. you must be an important guest.
16 tera'Daq 'Ipmey ral tIjeSQo'. Do not participate in violent oaths on Earth.
17 parmaq tay yIjeSQo' je. Do not participate in romantic rituals either.
18 lojmItDaq nuHlIj yIteq. Remove your weapon at the door.
19 chaw' DaSuqmeH De'wI'vam 'ItlhHa' yIlo'. To get tickets use this not so advanced computer.
20 DaH yIje' Buy now.

Klingon letters

It is interesting to be noted that the Klingon letters are not displayed as an image file, but there are true letters shown on screen. Technically spoken, the font is KApIqaD converted to a web font and loads when the page is loaded. The mapping is based on the "KLIpIqaD/KApIqaD" fonts (see Fonts), sometimes also referred to as the xifan-mapping (also used in boQwI'), although the letters are all lower case instead of upper case and the apostrophe is on z instead of on '. This means that one can search the page for words if using the correct mapping, for instance search for xifan to find tlhIngan, or diviz to find DIvI'.

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