Newsgroup message of January 18, 1998

Subject: The Klingon language and this forum


Marc Okrand tells that he is back online after some computer related trouble.


Newsgroup: Star Trek Expert Forum
Date: Sunday, January 18, 1998 05:35 PM


Hello to everyone.

After coping with some fascinating (for some) computer problems and then working out the switch from the old MSN Klingon language forum to this new newsgroup, I am finally up and running.

I've read the messages about whether discussions on the Klingon language should be in this newsgroup or in a separate one. I'll let that issue resolve itself as time goes along. For now, I hope to hear not only from Klingon language experts (and there are many out there who can claim that title), but also from those who are just curious about how the language works, how it came about or how it's changed, what Worf (or Gowron or Dax or even Kruge or Chang, for that matter) is really saying though sometimes this requires a bit of study, (especially when they're speaking colloquially or using ritualistic speech), and so on.

I'll try to check in every week or so and answer any questions I can. (Questions involving fine – or even not so fine – points of grammar usually don't lend themselves to quick responses, however, so have a little patience there.)

- Marc Okrand

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