Steven Boozer

Also known with his Klingon name "Voragh", Steven Boozer is famous for a positively encyclopedic database of canon usage. So whenever a word or question comes up, he's always there with all known canonical cases.

In a message to the Mailing list, he described his story (1)
Like many of the old-timers on the List, I've been compiling my notes for some time. In my case it must be 15 years now [note: since 1990]. I started out keyboarding my own searchable copy of the Klingon-English glossaries in TKD and the TKD appendix. Then I copied out the example sentences from TKD into a master canon list, then copy and pasted each sentence into the entry for the relevant word or affix. When I got copies of "Conversational Klingon" and "Power Klingon", I played the tapes several times and transcribed the dialogue - again updating my glossary with examples. Over the years I've done the same for the movies, books, CDs, and other materials ("The Klingon Way", "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler", "Star Trek: Klingon" (the CD game), the SkyBox trading cards, television episodes, etc.). Some of this material has been published in HolQeD.

Basically it's my own laborious work, though I have added information culled by others and posted to this List - primarily materials that I don't have access to. I've also added comments, suggestions, supposed puns, useful web sites, suggestions for additional non-canonical vocabulary and miscellaneous theories - both my own and others' (again publicly posted to this List). According to MS-Word my "Annotated Klingon Dictionary" (AKD) as I call it has now reached 625 pages if I should ever print it out one day. (I really should do that for back-up purposes!) And *that* is why I call myself the Ca'Non Master. As one of my Semitics professors once put it: The trick to appearing omniscient is having a complete and thoroughly indexed set of notes.

Now that the grunt work of keyboarding has been done, I can share some of the results with the wider community of Klingonists. These Klingon Word-of-the-Day posts are ideal for sharing all my information on a given word in bite-sized, easily digested, portions reformatted a bit for ASCII email, which can also spur discussion on what has inevitably become a fairly quiet list.

In spite of numerous requests over the years, I won't give anyone a copy of my entire file. You should really do the work yourself: It will help you learn, and it's fun (at least to those of us who like to play with languages). But for a taste, here's a copy of the first page from my AKD with my sources and abbreviations and a few sample entries. I'll send it two ways, both with and without the MS-Word character formatting.


1 : Message  to the mailing list, Tue 15 Nov 2005

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