Newsgroup message of February 23, 1998

Subject: Re: For Dr Okrand


Somebody wondered how to use type 3 verb suffixes in word that contain a type 4 suffix, as in chenmoH.


Newsgroup: Klingon Usenet Forum
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 23:47:30 -0500


The short answer is: chenmoH "form, make, create" is the verb chen "build up, take form" plus the Type 4 suffix -moH "cause." To say "make again," the Type 3 suffix -qa' "do again" should come before the Type 4 suffix. Thus, you should say vIchenqa'moH "I make [it] again" (vI- "I [do something to] he/she/it/them").

But, of course, there's a longer answer. Actually, this came up in the old MSN forum. Here's what I wrote then (and the question I was responding to).

[PS -- I'll leave for another time any discussion about using use the noun Qagh "error" and the verb chenmoH "form, make, create" to say Qagh chenmoH "make a mistake."]

Link to the mentioned message of the old MSN forum

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