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Date: Tue, 5 May 1998


>Does Marc Okrund have any plans to update the Klingon Language Lab to
>include conversational Klingon?
>I've got his CD as part of the Simon & Schuster Star Trek Omnipedia gift
>set, and it's dynamite for learning words and short phrases but would be
>better if expanded to provide instruction on holding a conversation.
>I might add that everyone who tries the CD when they visit wants one.

I'm glad you (and your friends) are enjoying the Klingon CD. And thanks to others who responded (more quickly than I!) to this posting and listed the various books and tapes available.

Having said that, I'm not sure which CD you've got!

There are (to the best of my knowledge) two or three Klingon language CDs, depending on how you count:

Disk 3 of the three-disk CD-ROM set "Star Trek: Klingon" contains the Klingon Language Lab (CD-ROM) and also a portion of "Power Klingon" (which can be played as a regular audio CD), available in its full form on audiocassette. (So this can count as either one or two CDs.)

There is also a CD version of "Conversational Klingon" (originally produced as an audiocassette) that was distributed in the "Emissary Gift Set" several years ago. I don't know if it's available separately. This gift set also contained the Next Generation "Interactive Technical Manual" (CD-ROM), a preview version of the CD-ROM game "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Harbinger," and a videotape of the pilot episode of DS9, "Emissary."

If there was a Klingon language CD of some kind included in the Omnipedia gift set, I don't know what it was, though I'd love to find out!

As for additional CDs -- as of now, I've got nothing in the works, but as long as there are people interested in learning more Klingon.....

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