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Subject: Re: "cleric" -- Dr. Okrand?


asks what "cleric" may be depending on context


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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 00:01:58 -0400


Qov wrote:
>Wolf Klauschie wrote ...
>> Is there a word for cleric? How about High Cleric?
>A cleric is a person ordained for religious duties.
>In the absence of a specific word for cleric (I don't know of any
>published word) I might use
> lalDan ghojmoHwI' - teacher of religion
> lalDan tay DevwI' - leader of a religion ceremony
> lalDan Sov choqwI' - preserver of religious knowledge
> qeylIS SuvwI' - warrior of Kahless
>... depending on what I meant.

I was going to respond to Khaywolf's original question by asking a question of my own in order to pin down exactly how Khaywolf wants to use the term translated as "cleric." Can the term be applied as broadly as the English word "cleric," or does it refer to something more specific or specialized?

But before I got to it, Qov managed (as usual!) to come up with some really good suggestions.

There may be a word for "cleric" (in some sense) we don't know yet. I'll wait to hear back from anyone who wants to provide clarification about what, exactly, a Klingon cleric is/does, and then I'll check to see if there's a good word for that.

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