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Subject: Re: ghew qab


confirmation that rur is to be used to express "is like"


Newsgroup: Klingon Usenet Forum
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 00:03:46 -0500


Pam Felton asked:
> And is there a way to say "like"? Such as, "He looks like a bug."

Matt Johnson answered:
> looks like =~ resemble? 'rur'
> ghew rur. "He resembles a bug."

No reason for me to add anything here! This is a good illustration of the use of the verb rur "resemble."

The word rur also comes up a lot in Klingon similes, such as 'up; yIH rur "(it's) disgusting as a tribble," literally "it's disgusting; it resembles a tribble" ('up "it is disgusting," yIH "tribble," rur "it resembles [it]").

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