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confirmation that tlhej is to be used to express "with"


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Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 00:34:28 -0500


Pam Felton wrote...
>> Is there a way to say "with" in Klingon? Such as, "He
>> went with them." Or does it have to be expressed like this
>> (jaH chaH. jaH je ghaH.)?

Qermaq wrote...
> tlheD chaH. tlhej ghaH.

Qermaq's suggestion to use the verb tlhej accompany as a way to get across the notion of "with" in the sentence meaning "he went with them" is exactly right.

Its use is not restricted to the notion of going someplace ("accompany" in the sense of "go with"). It is fine to say such things as:

'Iw HIq vItlhutlh. mutlhej ghaH.

He/she drinks bloodwine with me, literally I drink bloodwine. He/she accompanies me ('Iw HIq bloodwine, vItlhutlh I drink it, mutlhej he/she/they accompanies/accompany me, ghaH he/she).

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