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Subject: gods (from Marc)


providing the word for "supernatural being" or "god"


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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 18:58:34 -0400


There is a Klingon word that could be translated "god" or "supernatural being": Qun.

In talking of times long ago (pre-Kahless?), Klingons mention these beings, and there seem to have been a good number of them (the plural of Qun is Qunpu' since they are or were presumably capable of using language, which is what the plural suffix -pu' implies). Though too little is known of ancient Klingon theology, there doesn't seem to have been a single Qun that stood out from the rest. Indeed, the Qunpu' appear to have acted collectively.

Qunpu' are distinct from qa'pu' "spirits" (such as the spirits of the dishonored dead which reside at Gre'thor).

Qun'a' "great god" (Qun plus -'a', the augmentative suffix) may or may not be an appropriate translation for a single supernatural being in a monotheistic system, since the Qun'a' would still be one among many.

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