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Stuart Blair 2017
Stuart A. Blair BLang, Hons BA, MLangSt (Flinders University), is a teacher of French, English, Barngarla (An Indigenous Australian Language), and Constructed languages. He is from Adelaide, Australia.

During the Adelaide Language Festival on November 29, 2017, he delivered a lecture on artistically constructed languages engineered for the TV and film industry, where he talked about the Klingon language. He is a regular guest speaker at pop culture events around Australia, presenting Klingon language workshops. He recently presented a Klingon language and culture workshop at Capricon Pop Culture Convention in Rockhampton, North Queensland, in August 2022.

Stuart spoke about Klingon at the State Library of South Australia on October 15, 2017, at Supanova Comic Con and Gaming in Adelaide, South Australia, in 2019, and at Supanova Comic Con and Gaming in Melbourne in 2020.

Stuart lectures at the University of Adelaide to languages and linguistics students on the topic, The Wonder of Language, sub-heading, Constructed Languages.

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