be stuck

The expression of being stuck can be used in many situations in English. The Klingon language has a word for each different kind of meaning. All of these are translated as "be stuck".

word [non canon] canon explanation
DIy budged like when you can't get a door open or a window open
HIr attached like a stamp is stuck to an envelope or a spitwad is stuck on a wall
lIQ mentally like when you can't solve an algebra problem or a crossword puzzle
ngItlh in a location like when your car is stuck in the snow or Santa is stuck in the chimney or a ring is stuck on your finger or a nail is stuck in a piece of wood and you can't pull it out
Sat in a situation like being stuck in a meeting or stuck in traffic. Also, for some reason, it be would be for a cat stuck in a tree.

Besides of these, there's the verb ngam adhere, stick. With -moH, the object is the thing that's stuck to or adhering to something else, marked by -Daq. Also remember the verb Hum be sticky.

Non-canon examples

DIy Qorwagh.
The window is stuck.

navDaq HIr HIjmeH chaw'.
The stamp is stuck to the paper.

ngajrunmo' jIlIQ.
I am stuck because of the puzzle.

SorDaq ngItlh Hut'In.
The nail is stuck in the tree.

yaHwIjDaq jISat.
I am stuck in my working place.

pa' reDDaq mIllogh vIngammoH.
I stick the image on to the wall.

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